Your Face Makes My Dick Soft T-Shirt

"Your Face Makes My Dick Soft T-Shirt from GrabMyCock.com"

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Description: "Your Face Makes My Dick Soft T-shirt" The premier t-shirt from GrabMyCock.com. This t-shirt is made from thin extra comfort soft cotton. Most sizes are available.

Photo: Willis Magayhee (2010)
Founded by 19 year old retard entrepreneur Willis Magayhee, GrabMyCock.com was spawned from a long struggle of communication between him and his special ed teachers in his senior year at Bagbacock High School, Virginia. For 6 years Willis has been trying to communicate the term "grab my cock," however his speech impairment prevented his genious philosophies from seeing the light. One day during an art class, he figured he could draw the message on paper; beautifully transfering his message through art. Although causing him suspension from the retard class, Grab My Cock later became an international phenomenon for retards and normal people alike. Spreading from one retard to another like wildfire, the term "grab my cock" and "gmc" quickly gained notoriety amongst the entire human population. Today Grab My Cock Technologies serves the bridge between retards, smart asses, assholes, doctors and every person alike.


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